Intake-/ Exhaust air roof hood

A intake- or exhaust air roof hood for use in 
comfort and industrial installations.


EKO-HST roof hood is designed to be used for intake- or exhaust air in comfort and industrial installations.

The hood is shaped like a chimney and therefore is suitable for environments subject to appearance and design requirements. It has the same outer shape as EKO-HSF and EKO-HSK and is therefore often used in conjunction with these those that want to have a unified style for all hoods. The hood is made up of four grilles with a small animals-proof wire mesh on the inside. The roof slopes slightly for good drainage and extends over the outer edges of the hood on all sides.

The EKO-HST roof hood is manufactured as standard in galvanised aluminium (C4), but is also available in aluminum, copper, stainless steel and painted versions.

Suitable pressure drop for fresh air is 2-30 Pa and 2-40 Pa for exhaust air.