EKO Sport Team

Employee wellness is the company's future

Employee wellness is the company's future. If employees are well good, the company usually does well too. Positive and healthy employees do a better job, have greater job satisfaction and quality and production increase. They want to do more and do not see any obstacles in their daily work.

We have therefore devoted considerable ambition in a wide-ranging wellness program with many different activities that will make us all feel a little better. This will also reduce staff turnover and sickness absence. We have clear evidence of this.

One of the activities is a collaboration with Vellinge-based athletics club IK Finish - the EKO Half Marathon, Skanör - Falsterbo Runt.

We are continually working to broaden the range of sports on offer. Other activities may be of a more health-related nature, such as smoking cessation, eating better, etc. All employees undergo continuous health profile assessments.