General Terms

General terms of delivery

General information
If nothing else has been agreed the following terms of delivery is valid and in addition to NL09.

Order confirmation
Orders are always confirmed except for orders with immediate delivery.

All prices are valid EX WORKS Vellinge, excluding emballage and VAT.

Written offers from EKOVENT are valid for 90 days.

Terms of payment
General terms of payment are 30 days net with exceptions. Late payments are charged with interest.

Shipment terms from EKOVENT are EX WORKS.

Lead time
Standard stock items are supplied immediately. Other products according to agreements.

Return of goods
Return of goods are not allowed without the permission from EKOVENT. For approved returned standard stock items, EKOVENT will credit 60% (fire dampers 50%) of invoiced value. Non-standard items (non-stock items), air handling units and fans are not approved for return. Costs related to shipments of returned goods will be taken by the customer.

The warranty is 2 years from final inspection, but not more than 2,5 year from date of delivery.

EKOVENT waives all liability for consequential damages such as breakdown of service, loss of production, personal injury and property that may be linked to warranty defects on products delivered to us. Any costs incurred in connection with exchanges are not replaced.

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