Combined hood

A combined intake- and exhaust air for use in
comfort and industrial installations. 


The EKO-HSK roof hood is designed to be used for combined fresh air and exhaust air applications in comfort and industrial installations.

The hood is shaped like a chimney and therefore is suitable for environments subject to appearance and design requirements. It has the same outer shape as the EKO-HSF and EKO-HST and is therefore often used in conjunction with these when you want to achieve a unified style for all hoods. The hood consists of an exhaust section that throws the air straight up at high speed, and a fresh air section that takes in air via louvre grilles on three sides. Fresh air and exhaust air sections are separated from each other, eliminating the possibility of air overflow between the sections.

The EKO-HSK roof hood is manufactured as standard in galvanised aluminium (C4), but is also available in aluminium, copper, stainless steel and painted versions.

Suitable pressure drop for fresh air is 2-30 Pa and 30-100 Pa for exhaust air.