Smoke Detector for Duct Mounting - Optical Functionality

Optical smoke detector with service alarm for duct installation.


Product Information

Uniguard has been developed to detect smoke in ventilation ducts and combines a smoke detector and an adaptor system where both venturi pipe and housing are specially designed for optimum airflow through the smoke detector.

The Uniguard detector is designed to be used in ventilation systems with air velocities of 0,2m/s to 20m/s. The length of the venturi pipe shall be chosen based upon how wide the ventilation duct is. The venturi pipes are available in 3 lengths; 0,6, 1,5 and 2,8 m. When the ventilation duct is wider than 0,6 m (dia), the venturi pipe should penetrate the whole duct.


  • Patented venturi pipe and duct housing
  • One-pipe air sampling system Uniguard Superflow
  • New cross-section (shape) of the venturi pipe gives an optimum of venturi effect
  • Service alarm
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment
  • Test hole on cover
  • Simple installation
  • Sensitive flow indicator
  • Simple service and maintenance
  • Installer-friendly connection of cables
  • Foolproof installation of venturi pipe