Control and monitoring system

Control and monitoring system



Master unit EKO PRO-M

PRO-M is the master unit for Ekovent Fire System Pro. The Fire System Pro allows to feed, monitor and test up to to 60 fire dampers with spring return and smoke control dampers with automatic activation. Smoke detectors, pressure device, thermostats and temperature sensors can be connected and monitored, as well.
The system is designed to only feed 24V actuators.

Fire alarm signals for external systems can be read and possibly acknowledged by the PRO-M. An external alarm signal is sent to be read by external systems (e.g. to stop an AHU). A supervisory BMS system can be connected to the PRO-M through Modbus and BACnet protocol.

Damper unit EKO PRO-S

The PRO-S is used as a damper unit in Ekovent Fire System Pro. It works together with a master unit (PRO-M) where most of the setup of the PRO-S is made. The damper unit has two analogue inputs, two digital inputs, one analogue output and two digital outputs. The in- and outputs are used for e.g damper control, smoke detector, temperature sensors and VAV. It communicates via Modbus.
There is an app available for Android and iOS that can be used to identify the units and for setting a Modbus address for the unit. The app can also be used to upgrade the firmware. Get the app from App store (iPhone and iPad) or Google play (Android).