Ekovent's Sustainable Louvres

Ekovent's Sustainable Louvres

8 January 2024
Ekovent is deeply committed to reducing its carbon footprint by offering products made from low-carbon steel. Recognizing that the steel industry accounts for 7% of global carbon emissions, with projections indicating an increase from 1,950 million tons in 2021 to 2,500 million tons in 2050, we have taken concrete steps to promote sustainability.

To further strengthen our commitment to sustainability, Ekovent has developed Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for a portion of our ventilation product range. These EPDs are based on both traditional steel and steel with at least 75% recycled content. They not only provide transparent insights into the environmental impact of our products but also meet the European Commission's requirements for measuring building sustainability.

Ekovent offers a comprehensive range of louvres for comfort and industrial ventilation. These stand out for high water separation performance and low pressure drops. Our louvres are available in 75% recycled steel coated with a unique composition of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium. This ensures robust and stable corrosion protection even in demanding conditions.

EKO-Y/YV/YVB represents an external louvre solution specifically designed for air intake and exhaust. The structure consists of a mounting frame and a louvre insert secured with screws in the mounting frame. These louvres can also be supplied with a drip box and drainage pipe. Through these initiatives, Ekovent actively strives to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.