EKOVENT launches Sweden's first EPD for roof hoods and external louvres

EKOVENT launches Sweden's first EPD for roof hoods and external louvres

16 November 2023
To increase transparency regarding the environmental impact of its products, Ekovent has initiated the process of developing EPDs for its entire standard range. The first to be introduced are EPDs for roof hoods and the majority of the standard range for louvres. EPDs are part of Ekovent's product development towards more sustainable products, providing customers with easy orientation and transparent options for life cycle assessment.

An essential step in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating more sustainable buildings is having knowledge about a building's environmental impact. An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) can be seen as a content declaration of a product's environmental impact and is considered by the EU Commission as a cornerstone for measuring a building's sustainability.

We have taken additional steps for a better climate and are also presenting EPDs for parts of our product range of roof hoods and louvres based on at least 75% recycled steel RRP (Recycled and Renewably Produced).

An EPD takes into account raw material extraction, manufacturing processes, installation, all transportation between different stages, as well as dismantling and recycling. With an EPD, the builder can make informed statements about the building's environmental impact, a crucial factor for sustainability certifications such as BREEAM, LEED, or Miljöbyggnad.

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Roof hoods - Metal coated steel
Roof hoods - Metal coated 75% recycled steel
Louvres - Metal coated steel
Louvres - Metal coated 75% recycled steel