Lund District Court

Lund District Court 

The new district court, inaugurated in 2018, holds a distinguished MiljöByggnad Gold environmental classification. The building has received numerous accolades, including nominations for Construction of the Year, the Stone Prize, and victories in design competitions, as well as the City Planning Prize from Lund Municipality. Additionally, the structure won the 2019 Sheet Metal Award with the following justification:

"The building's well-structured facade has been selected and utilized based on its long life cycle perspective, praised for its durability and graceful aging. The facade stands as a visible hallmark of a successful construction process, an environmentally conscious building, and a secure operation. The design is as monumental as it is dignified, warm, and welcoming. It captures the city's history while equally speaking to a sustainable future. For all times to come – Lund's new pride."

We take immense pride in our exquisite custom copper louvres adorning the distinctive copper facade of Lund District Court. These were delivered in collaboration with Bravida Malmö.

For the project, we have delivered:

  • Custom Copper Louvre