EKO-RVP-C, VAV-dampers


VAV dampers are utilized to regulate and monitor supply and exhaust airflows. 


Product Information

EKO-RVP-C is a variable/constant airflow control device featuring an oval damper blade for a reduced control range, enhanced regulation, more efficient actuators, and lower noise levels. It comes standard with Belimo Mod/Bac actuators (optional), but can also be equipped with other actuators like Gruner, Siemens, or Johnson Controls.

Desired min/max airflow can be programmed either at the factory or on-site using Belimo/Siemens programming tools.

This product is listed on Byggvarubedömningen.


  • Available in sizes ranging from 100 mm to 630 mm
  • Available in insulated and uninsulated configurations.
  • Simple airflow programming
  • Can be ordered integrated with a silencer
  • Custom painting in desired RAL color
  • Complete control equipment
  • Hygiene certified according to VDI 6022