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Presence sensors

Perfect for automating heating and cooling systems, ideal for spaces with varying occupancy patterns.


Product Information

The IDW/IDC utilizes a highly sensitive pyroelectric infrared sensor and a specially designed Fresnel lens to provide rapid detection of presence, even capturing very subtle movements. This presence detector is designed for the automatic control of heating and air conditioning systems. It features a potential-free control output for control devices to automatically activate/deactivate heating and air conditioning.

The detector can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted at a 90° angle with an 18m detection range. It is used in spaces with irregular occupancy patterns where individuals need to be detected and evaluated.

  • EKO-IDW 24 Presence Detector, wall or corner mount 12-24Vac/dc
  • EKO-IDC 24F Presence Detector, ceiling flush mount 12-24Vac/dc


  • Wall and ceiling installation
  • Rapid presence detection
  • Alternating relay output
  • Adjustable off-delay
  • On and off delay from DUC