Intake-/ Exhaust air roof hood

A intake- or exhaust air roof hood for use in 
comfort and industrial installations.


The hood has lamellas on all four sides and is fitted with a small animals-proof wire mesh on the inside. The hood is made without visible corner profiles and is part of the same series, EKO-Design Line, as EKO-HRB, EKO-HBJ, EKO-HBF and EKO-HBK and used in environments with specific design requirements. The roof slopes slightly for good drainage and lines up with the outer edges of the hood on all sides.

The EKO-HB roof hood is manufactured as standard in galvanised aluminium (C4), but is also available in aluminum, copper, stainless steel and painted versions.

Suitable pressure drop for fresh air is 2-30 Pa and 2-50 Pa for exhaust air.