Double Exhaust Air Hood

Intended for use in air conditioning and industrial plants.


Product Information

EKO-HASD is an exhaust air roof hood designed for use in comfort and industrial facilities. It shares the same external shape as other roof hoods in the S-Line series, such as HUAS, HAAS, and HKAS, making it ideal for uniformity when used together with these. EKO-HASD is best mounted on the roof inlet EKO-TDH.

EKO s-Line roof hoods are a series of roof hoods designed for low pressure drops and in a effective way prevent water penetration.


  • Corrosivity class C4 as standard
  • New developed mounting frame that provides major flexibility when mounting the roof hood on the roof inlet
  • Sizes for flows from 200 l/s to 20 000 l/s
  • Adjustable air outlet as accessory
  • Lifting fittings mounted at factory
  • Available in MagiCad