Double Exhaust Air Hood

Intended for use in air conditioning and industrial plants.


Product Information

EKO-HAED is a exhaust air roof hood for use in comfort and industry facilities. Through the unique design the exhaust air roof hood is adapted for very low pressure drops and high outlet airflow velocity. EKO-HAED is most suitably mounted on the roof inlet EKO-TDH.

EKO e-Line roof hoods are a series of roof hoods designed for very low pressure drops and have a unique construction to effectively prevent water ingress.


  • Low pressure drop and very low weights
  • Water separation according to EN 13030 class A (99% at air velocity 2 m/s)
  • Sound and pressure drop tested according to ISO 5135
  • Sizes for flows from 200 l/s to 30 000 l/s
  • Design equal combined air roof hood e-Line EKO-HKE and intake air roof hood e-Line EKO-HUED
  • New developed mounting frame that provides major flexibility when mounting the roof hood on the roof inlet
  • Corrosivity class C4 as standard
  • Calculated in CFD Autodesk/Comsol Multiphysics
  • Lifting fittings mounted at factory
  • Available in MagiCAD