External Louvre

Designed to be used as air intake or exhaust air louvre in comfort and industrial installations.


Product Information

EKO-YR is an external louvre designed for use as a fresh air and exhaust air louvre according to VVS & Kyl AMA16.

External louvre EKO-YR is constructed with molded aluminum for sizes up to 500 mm. Dimensions from 400 mm to 1250 mm are made of galvanized sheet steel. EKO-YR comes standard with a protection mesh, and an insect mesh can be provided as an accessory. The diameter is adapted to fit spigot pipes louvre can be screwed directly into the duct. The blades are designed to prevent the ingress of rain whilst offering low air resistance. 


  • Sizes range from Ø80 mm to Ø500 mm in molded aluminum.
  • Sizes from Ø400 mm to Ø1250 mm are available in galvanized sheet steel.
  • Can be customized in other dimensions and versions.
  • Available in a powder-coated version.
  • Can be manufactured in copper and stainless steel.
  • Standard equipped with a protection mesh.
  • Available in MagiCAD.