External Louvre

Designed to be used as air intake or exhaust air louvre in comfort or industrial installations.


Product Information

External wall grilles EKO-YLA/YZA are intended to be used as outdoor or exhaust air grilles in comfort or industrial facilities. The grate is made in accordance with current regulations in VVS AMA 16.

EKO-YLA/YZA external louvre is designed to be used as air intake or exhaust air grille in comfort or industrial installations. The louvre consists of a connection box with cones, a bent plate lamella insert and a wire mesh. The cones has an adjustable connection with a type-approved rubber gasket for mounting in spiral pipes. The lamellas are specifically designed to prevent rain water getting in while providing a low air resistance. At the bottom of the grille is a rain gutter.

It is produced in two versions:
EKO-YLA with an integrated device for wall connection.
EKO-YZA with screw rim for connection to duct or wall.

As standard the louvre is delivered with a protection wire mesh, and can also be manufactured with insect-proof wire mesh.