Weather Protection Louvre

Designed to be used as an intake screen in comfort or industrial installations that have stringent demands on effective rain protection.


Product Information

The EKO-CV (CamVane) 100 weather protection louvre is designed for use as an intake louvre in comfort or industrial installations with stringent demands for effective rain protection. It performs well in environments prone to water, rain, and moisture issues, such as marine environments and coastal areas. Its high level of separation, up to 100% rain, is achieved through specially developed and patent-protected profiles. These profiles induce turbulence in the air while capturing water droplets. Additionally, the profile design contributes to an extremely low pressure drop and low noise level. The louvre is tested by VTT in Finland according to EN 13030:2001 standards and achieves Class A certification.

The EKO-CV100 weather protection louvre consists of a frame made of aluminium EN-AW-5754. The blades are constructed from aluminium EN-AW-6063 and are specially designed to protect against rainwater while maintaining low air resistance. The use of weather-resistant materials contributes to a long service life. The louvre can be equipped with either a drainage gap or a drainage pipe at the bottom as desired. Mounting options include optional flanges or fastening ears.