Jet Fan

For conveying smoke gases of temperature classes F300 and F400.


Product Information

Ceiling suspension. Compact, space-saving, flat style.

For detailed technical data and performance specifications, please use the Product Configurator X-fans.


Axial-type jet fans:

  • Max. thrust up to 73 N,
  • With or without outlet guide vanes (coordinated to the application)
  • Unidirectional as series: GAXO-C or GAXN
  • Reversible as series: BVGAXR / BVGAXR-C
  • Nominal sizes: 315, 400
  • Impeller made of cast aluminium, directly on the motor shaft
  • Motor arranged in the flow
  • Terminal box assembled outside on the casing
  • Sound attenuator on the inlet and outlet side
  • Edged, oval design
  • Cover grille on the inlet and outlet side
  • Baffle plate on the outlet side

Centrifugal-type jet fans:

  • Max. thrust up to 97 N,
  • nominal sizes 50 / 75 / 100
  • Unidirectional