Smoke Detector for Duct Mounting - Optical Functionality

Optical smoke detector with built-in service alarm for use in ventilation ducts. Rotatable in any direction.


Product Information

EKO-UG8 Uniguard has been developed to measure smoke in ventilation ducts and consists of a smoke detector and duct enclosure system, specially-designed for optimal airflow through the smoke detector.

Uniguard is used together with a control unit (e.g., EKO-KE, EKO-MME/SME, EKO-PRO-M/S or EKO-TME/TSE) for controlling fire dampers and fans, acoustic and/or optical alarms, etc.


  • Service alarm
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment
  • Test hole on the cover
  • Easy installation
  • Flow indicator
  • Simple service and maintenance
  • Complete with pre-mounted cable entries