Heat Detector

A heat detector for ceiling mounting that provides rapid indication of temperature increases.


Product Information

The heat detector EKO-RVT is intended for use in industrial and comfort ventilation. The detector is mounted in the ceiling. The heat detector is designed according to applicable regulations and tested according to EN54 5, class A2 S (54-70 °C) and class CS (84-100 °C).

It is used in conjunction with the control and monitoring systems EKO-KE and EKO-MKE/SKE, control unit EKO-RKB, or monitoring system EKO-KPA to manage damper control, fan shutdown, and alarm functions, among others.

The heat detector is a low-profile detector, where the heat-sensitive element has low thermal mass, providing very rapid indication of temperature increases. The detector is of maximum type, meaning it triggers an alarm when the temperature reaches 54 °C. It is very fast and can therefore be advantageously used where a combination of maximum and differential heat detection is desired. When the temperature reaches 54 °C, the detector alarms and the red lamp lights up. The detector is also available in 84 °C version.