Smoke Detector

An optical smoke detector for ceiling mounting intended for use in various types of ventilation spaces and premises.


Product Information

EKO-RET is an optical smoke detector designed for use in various types of ventilation spaces and premises, installed in the ceiling according to the applicable regulations in HVAC AMA 98. It is used in conjunction with the control and monitoring systems EKO-KE and EKO-MKE/SKE, control unit EKO-RKB, or monitoring system EKO-KPA to manage damper control, fan shutdown, and alarm functions, among others.

With a new optical chamber and light source, EKO-RET has improved its ability to detect even small particles from the beginning of a fire. This upgrade makes it a reliable alternative to the previously superior ionizing smoke detector.

Alarm indication occurs through a red lamp in the detector, and it remains in alarm state until a manual reset is performed in the central cabinet or control unit. To avoid unnecessary alarms due to contamination, the detector has a built-in service alarm.