Self-actuating Backflow Protector - T-pipe with IRIS

Designed to prevent the spread of smoke between different fire cells.



Product Information

The EKO-BSV self-actuating backflow protector is designed for use in ventilation systems in housing, hotels, and service apartments to prevent the spread of smoke via the intake air system in ventilation systems. The protection is specially adapted for FT and FTX systems with fans in operation, and the principle is to prevent backflow in the supply air ducts in the event of a fire. EKO-BSV closes quickly in the event of a fire that generates an overpressure in the fire cell. It is fully self-actuating and does not need to be connected to a monitoring system. This provides reliable and cost-effective fire protection.

The Backflow Protection EKO-BSV is available in 5 different versions:
• EKO-BSV1 - Standard
• EKO-BSV2 - T-pipe
• EKO-BSV3 - Insert
• EKO-BSV4 - Standard with regulation and measuring damper IRIS
• EKO-BSV5 - T-pipe with with regulation and measuring damper IRIS​


  • Available in five versions
  • Self-actuating fire protection, no need for complex control and monitoring systems
  • Specially adapted for supply and exhaust air systems (FT and FTX systems)
  • Nipple connection according to Swedish standard
  • Type approval SC0800-14
  • Tested according to EN 1366-2
  • Meets tightness class 2, and the housing of the protection meets tightness class C for BSV2 and BSV5, as well as tightness class B for BSV1 and BSV4 according to EN 1751:1998.
  • Meets tightness class 2 and pressure class B according to AMA VVS & Kyl 12
  • Pressure drop across closed protection can be 2500 Pa, equivalent to pressure class B
  • Meets environmental class C2