Fire Damper & Constant Pressure Control EKO-RBG1-C

Fire Damper and Constant Pressure Control EI 60/EI 60 S

A multi-blade damper intended for fire sectioning or as protection against the spread of fire in ventilation systems.


Product Information

EKO-RBG1-C is a multi-blade damper in fire resistance class EI60S which can also be used for constant pressure control in ventilation system. The damper is equipped with factory-fitted electrical actuator with spring return, end position contacts and thermal sensor. Control and monitoring with EKO-MME / SME1-C system or equivalent. EKO-RBG1-C is delivered with a pre-programmed damper module for keeping the pressure constant. Nominal pressure is 100 Pa, 250 Pa or 500 Pa depending on the measuring range of the pressure sensor.

The standard EKO-JBG2 is manufactured of galvanized sheet steel (C2) with damper blades and casing of fire-resistant material. Alternatively, the damper can be made of Zinc Magnesium ZM120 (C4) or stainless steel for a higher corrosivity class.

Fire damper EKO-RBG1-C is manufactured in sizes from 200x200 mm to 1200x1000 mm.



  • Fire resistance class EI60/EI60 S
  • Mounting without wall to damper caulking
  • For mounting against a wall/floor or on a horizontal duct
  • Multi-blade damper with low weight
  • The multi-blade damper provides low pressure drops and sound power levels
  • Sizes from 200x200 mm to 800x800 mm and RGB1-2 from 200x200 mm to 1200x1000 mm.
  • Prefitted safety actuator 24V or 230V
  • Easy installation
  • Thanks to the multi-blade system, the damper is very suitable to use with regulating actuators.
  • CE-marked building product according to 0402-CPR-C500091
  • P-approved according to C900166
  • Available in MagiCAD