Control Unit 24V/230V

For smoke detectors with or without service alarm 24V/230V.


Product Information

The control unit is designed to meet the requirements for providing reliable fire protection together with our smoke detectors. Equipped with relay contacts for controlling dampers and fans. In addition to smoke alarms, the ABAV-S3 is equipped with service alarm and fault alarm relays.

Upon smoke alarm, a red LED lights up and simultaneously the alarm relays are activated. In case of a service alarm on the smoke detector, the service alarm LED starts blinking rapidly for 1 minute. After that, the service alarm relay is activated and the LED remains steady. If the service alarm on the detector is cleared, the relay drops and the LED starts blinking slowly: alarm memory.

Short circuit and interruption cause the fault relay and alarm relays to activate simultaneously, along with the respective LED lighting up (interruption, approximately 10-second delay). If the short circuit or interruption clears, the relays drop and the respective LEDs start blinking slowly: alarm memory. Resetting the relays: hold down the reset button for 5 seconds.