Roof-mounted fan

The EKO-DRV-EC Roof-Mounted Fan, with its specialized design and EC motor, efficiently manages vertical airflow while minimizing noise levels, making it ideal for various applications.


Product Information

Roof-Mounted Fan equipped with an EC motor and an aluminum outer casing, specifically designed for directing airflow vertically. EKO-DRV-EC boasts a backward-curved impeller with a specialized profile that ensures high-pressure performance while keeping noise levels to a minimum. This roof-mounted fan features an external rotor motor in an end-mounted configuration, complete with safeguards against moisture and dripping.

For best installation results, consider using the EKO-T roof entry point. The EKO-T is available in fire resistance classes EI30 and EI60 and includes pre-installed electrical conduits for effortless cable routing. The fan delivers a maximum airflow of 1.25 m³/s and can generate a total pressure increase of up to 340 Pa.