Axial smoke exhaust fan

An axial fan designed for smoke gas evacuation, compliant with EN 12.101-T3 standards, available in temperature classes F200, F300, and F400. This fan is engineered to efficiently manage ventilation and smoke gas evacuation in various demanding environments.


Axial-type smoke exhaust fan with guide vanes. Designed for placement within the fire zone without additional cooling. The fan's housing is constructed from steel sheeting and comes standard with a powder coating in RAL 7030. The fan housing can be equipped with sound and thermal insulation. The fan wheel is made of silumin cast material to provide added protection against corrosion. The fan wheel blades can be continuously adjusted to different positions without the need for dismantling, allowing the fan to adapt to various operating points and enabling post-adjustment within the motor's power range. Maximum airflow of 77 m³/s and a total pressure increase of up to 2,600 Pa.

This product is listed on Sundahus Material Data and on Byggvarubedömningen.