EKO-HBS - Discontinued

EKO-HBS - Discontinued
Exhaust air hood

A exhaust air roof hood for use in
residential ventilation.


The EKO-HBS roof hood is designed to be used as for exhaust air in residential ventilation.

The hood is designed so that the air stream is directed upwards. There is a detachable roof and non-return damper with a bayonet fitting in the outlet, which is easy to remove for cleaning the duct and hood. The hood consists of a connecting pipe, dome, non-return damper and jacket. The flue pipe is adapted to fit standard spiral ducting. It is supplied with a push connection as standard, but can also be made with flanged connections.

The EKO-HBS roof hood is manufactured as standard in galvanised aluminium (C4), but is also available in aluminum, copper, stainless steel and painted versions.

Suitable pressure drop 10-100 Pa.