EKO-H - Discontinued
Intake-/ Exhaust air roof hood

EKO-H roof hood is designed to be used for fresh air or
exhaust air in comfort and industrial installations.

Replaced by EKO-HYT


The EKO-H roof hood is intended for use as an intake- or exhaust air hood for comfort and industrial installations.

The EKO-H roof hood consists of four multi-leaf louvres with a protection mash inside, screwed on to the corner and roof sections. The roof has inclining sides which allow for good drainage and extend over outer edges of the hood on all sides.

The roof hood EKO-H is manufactured in several different sizes depending on the choice of material. Other dimensions can be made to order.

  • Aluzink AZ as standard (C4)
  • Available in powder coated version
  • The roof hood can be customized
  • Available in MagiCad