Control and Shut-off Damper

A control and shut-off damper for circular ventilation ducts.


Product Information

The EKO-JR multi-leaf damper consists of a standard damper of the EKO-J design with mounted steel sleeve couplings. The EKO-JR dampers have the same properties as the EKO-J.


  • Air tightness classes 1-4
  • Pressure classes A-C (Pressure class A is standard)
  • Available with insulated damper blades and casing
  • Standard sizes from Ø125 mm to Ø1250 mm
  • Slip joint or flange connection
  • Maximum air temperature for standard dampers is 100°C. Dampers for higher temperatures can also be supplied.
  • Complete with brackets intended for actuators
  • Available in MagiCad.