Control and Mixing Damper

Designed for use as a mixing damper in ventilation systems.


Product Information

Mixing damper EKO-JK consists of a number of opposing blades which are stored (nylon bushings) in a sheet metal frame. The damper blades are connected via a link system on the outside of the metal frame. The link system is protected by a cover plate.

On dampers from a height of 600 mm, two of the blades are equipped with an extended shaft for connecting control devices. The damper blades are manufactured with a height of 200 mm


  • Air tightness classes 2-3
  • Pressure classes A-C (Pressure class A is standard)
  • Standard sizes from 400x400 to 2000x2000 according to table
  • Dampers with other dimensions can be manufactured upon request
  • Dampers are only supplied with a flange connection
  • Maximum air temperature for standard dampers is 100°C. Dampers for higher temperatures can be provided.
  • Complete with brackets intended for actuators
  • Available in MagiCad.