Control and Shut-off Damper

Designed for comfort or industrial ventilation systems and has good regulating properties.


Multi-leaf damper EKO-J for regulation, adjustment or closing of air flows. The EKO-J comprises a number of opposed blades with a solid axle and nylon bearings. The blades are connected via a system of linkage on the outside of the frame. The standard hight of the blades is 200 mm, but in the 300 mm high damper the blade hight is 150 mm.


  • Air tightness classes 1-4
  • Pressure classes A-D (Pressure class A standard)
  • Available with insulated damper blades and casing
  • Standard sizes 200x200 mm – 2000x2000 mm
  • Dampers with other dimensions or body width are manufactured on request
  • Slip joint or flange connection
  • Max Air temperature for standard dampers 100°C. Dampers for higher temperatures can be delivered.
  • Complete with bracket intended for actuator
  • Available in MagiCad