Flow Meter


Product Information

The meter is suitable for both initial setup and continuous flow measurement. It is intended for permanent installation and must therefore be specified at the design stage. There is a separate set of assembly, measurement, balancing, and maintenance instructions for this product.

The meter consists of two reductions joined together, each with measurement nozzles. Each nozzle has a removable plastic plug to prevent dirt from entering and to eliminate air leakage when measurement is not being taken. The unit allows for insulation of up to 100 mm thickness to be installed without covering the measurement nozzles or label plate. The plate can be rotated for optimal legibility, regardless of the fitting's orientation, and can be easily removed and located away from the unit. Flow meters with reductions of two different sizes can be obtained to increase the reading pressure in the measurement nozzles. However, this may result in higher pressure drop and noise generation.


  • Has low pressure drop due to good aerodynamics design.
  • Has low noise generation due to good aerodynamic design.
  • Does not obstruct duct cleaning.
  • Suitable for use with insulation.