Color Chart and Materials

Color Chart

Explore our range of standard colors, special shades, and powder coatings for exterior components.


Standard Colors


RAL 9005

Grey Black

RAL 7021

Dark Grey

RAL 7011

Dark grey

RAL 7024

Zink Grey

RAL 7040

Stone Grey

RAL 7030

Light Grey

RAL 7035

Light Grey

RAL 7044

Light Grey

RAL 7047


RAL 9001


RAL 9016

Chalk White

RAL 9010

Brick Red

RAL 8004

Dark Red

RAL 3009


RAL 8017


RAL 1015

Mustard Yellow

RAL 1002


RAL 6021


Metallic Colors

Silver Metallic

RAL 9006

Antracit Metallic

RAL 9007


NOTE! Due to printing reasons, exact color matching with the RAL color scale cannot be guaranteed.

Standard Colors

Our standard range of colors is specially formulated to both protect and adorn exterior components. The colors exhibit excellent outdoor durability in both gloss and hue.

  • Color Type: Polyester powder for powder coating.
  • Gloss: 60-80

Special Colors and Coating Option

In addition to our standard palette, we also offer the following coating alternatives:

  • Epoxy coating
  • Matte black
  • Special shades

If you cannot find the color you're looking for in our standard range, kindly contact us.

Powder Coating

All our products can undergo powder coating. Powder coating is suitable for a variety of materials and types of goods. Depending on the pre-treatment, the coating can be customized for both simple indoor environments and outdoor settings with high corrosion protection requirements. If you wish to customize the products to a specific color or shade, we can perform powder coating according to your preferences.