Our copper louvres on Lund District Court

8 December 2020
A brief look back at one of our previous reference projects. We are very proud of our fine custom made copper louvres that adorn the Lund District Court's characteristic copper facade, which we have delivered in collaboration with Bravida Malmö.

The new District Court was inaugurated in 2018 and is classified "MiljöByggnad Guld". The building has received a lot of awards and has, among other things, been nominated for Building of the year award, "Stenpriset" and has won both a Design Contest and Lund's City Building Award. In addition, the building won "Plåtpriset 2019" with the motivation;

The building's well-structured facade has been chosen and used on the basis of the long life cycle perspective, on the merits of durable and beautifully aging. The facade is thus a clearly visible stamp of quality for a successful construction process, a climate-smart building and a safe operation. The design is as monumental as it is dignified, warm and welcoming. It captures the city's history, but testifies just as much to a sustainable future. For all future times - Lund's new pride. ”