New Technical Sales Representative at EKOVENT

14 January 2021
11 / 1-2021 Maryam Fakharzadeh joins the office in Stockholm and we warmly welcome her! Maryam has worked in various industries and companies, including Festo, Osram, Kone and EG Electronics. Maryam has the most experience in the elevator industry and has worked as a Technical Sales Representative at Kone both in Iran and in Sweden. 5 years ago Maryam came to Sweden.

- We need to strengthen our organization in the region and we look forward to learn Maryam everything we can about the ventilation industry. We have a large area to cover, so in order to grow further, we need to process the market with a higher pressure, says Regional Manager Håkan Askemar.

- I see a challenge for me and it will be exciting to learn everything about ventilation. What attracts me the most is that it is a new industry for me and I will work hard to develop further and get into the "vent talk" in a good and fast way. I will take on the challenge with a happy mood, says Maryam.

Maryams and our other coworkers contact information can be found here