Meet Timmy Nyberg

12 September 2023
We are proud to introduce our latest addition to the team, Timmy Nyberg, with over 12 years of impressive experience in the construction and industrial sectors.

Ekovent's Norrland Initiative

Timmy not only boasts a diverse background in practical work but has also successfully taken on the role of a supervisor in insulation sheet metalwork, where he has become a master at insulating ventilation and plumbing in the field. It's not just Timmy's experience that makes him the perfect addition to our team. He shares our passion and our focus on personal service and trust-based relationships.

As a part of the EKOVENT team, Timmy will continue to deliver high-quality solutions in ventilation and fire protection. We look forward to working together with Timmy to not only maintain but also accelerate our growth and commitment in Norrland, a region experiencing strong growth with clear optimism and exciting future projects ahead.

Timmy Nyberg
Timmy Nyberg
Teknisk Säljare
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