Meet Pär Jonsson

12 September 2023
Let us introduce Pär Jonsson, an experienced expert in ventilation. He started as a ventilation installer and has since continued to climb into various roles, including technical support and in-house sales.

New Ventilation Expert

Pär has not only advanced in his professional career but has also gained experience working in various environments in Norrland. He has impressed with his ability to tackle technical challenges with a strong sense of responsibility and precision.

Ekovent is heavily investing in growth, especially in Region Norr. We have expanded our workforce and increased our geographical operations. Furthermore, we continue to lead in innovation and sustainability within the ventilation industry.

As part of the Ekovent team, Pär will continue to deliver high-quality ventilation and fire protection solutions. We look forward to working together with Pär to not only maintain but also accelerate our growth and commitment in Norrland.

Pär Jonsson
Pär Jonsson
Teknisk Säljare
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