Axial Smoke Exhaust Fan

For conveying smoke gases of the temperature class F400.


Product Information

Fan for reversible operation, installation inside and outside of the fire zone without additional cooling.

For detailed technical data and performance specifications, please use the Product Configurator X-fans.


  • Impellers with different blade pitch angles are used depending on the size and the desired output; please specify when ordering.
  • Compact size enables installation even when space is tight.
  • Motors can come with thermal contacts or a PTC thermistor
  • Casing available in all RAL colours
  • Also available with acoustic insulation.
  • Efficiency up to 63%
  • 15 sizes
  • Impeller’s nominal Ø 315 to 1,250 mm
  • Volume flow rate V. max. 140,000 m3/h
  • Total pressure increase pt max. 1,500 Pa
  • M style – with direct drive. Impeller assembled directly on the motor shaft.