EKO-BVAXN 6_9_12/56

EKO-BVAXN 6_9_12/56
Axial Smoke Exhaust Fan

For conveying smoke gases of temperature classes F200, F300 and F400.


Product Information

For installation inside and outside of the fire zone, suitable for free inlet/outlet or for pipeline installation in a horizontal and vertical style. It has a dual smoke extract and ventilation function.

For detailed technical data and performance specifications, please use the Product Configurator X-fans.


  • For installation in the fire zone without additional cooling.
  • Low-noise operation due to low circumferential speeds caused by high pressure coefficients.
  • Optimised outlet guide vanes to increase the pressure coefficients.
  • Extensive adjustments to the relevant operating point and subsequent motor rating corrections can be made by steplessly adjusting the impeller blades without any need to disassemble the impeller (the impeller blades cannot be adjusted in the case of the F400 temperature class).
  • The desired operating point is optimised to achieve the best possible efficiency using a variable number of blades (6 / 9 / 12).
  • Aluminium impeller; impeller’s nominal diameter 315 to 1,600 mm Volume flow rate max. 230,000 m³/h
  • Total pressure max. 2,500 Pa
  • 15 sizes
  • Casing available in all RAL colours