Regulating fire damper EI 60 / EI 120 S



  • Fire class EI 120/EI 120 S
  • Mounted regulating actuator 24V
  • Easy regulation of the air flow
  • Sizes from 100 mm to 630 mm
  • Mounting without wall to damper caulking
  • CE-marked
  • P-marked
  • Available in MagiCAD 

The EKO-SRBG2-R is a fire damper with fire resistance EI120/ EI120S. The damper has a factory-mounted electrical actuator with spring return, end position contacts and thermal sensor. Control and monitoring system is done with EKO-MME/SME1, EKO-PRO-M/S system or equivalent. With EKO-SRBG2-R the air flow can be regulated 0-100% with control signal 2.10V.