EKOVENT is launching new fire-/ smoke damper for mounting on horizontal duct, with low weight and low pressure drops!

20 September 2021
Let us present our new fire-/ smoke dampers EKO-RBG1-2, EKO-RBG1-R-2 and RBG1-C-2. These are three unique multi-blade dampers with low weight that can be mounted quickly and easily on a horizontal duct. The multi-blade dampers are adapted for regulating (R) and constant pressure control (C) air flow and provides low pressure drops and sound power levels.


  • Multi-blade damper with low weight
  • New unique patent applied construction
  • Easy installation
  • Mounting o horizontal duct
  • The multi-blade damper provides low pressure drops and sound power levels
  • Thanks to the multi-blade system, the damper is very suitable to use with regulating actuators. (See also EKO-RBG1-R-2 and EKO-RBG1-C-2)

Fire-/ smoke damper EKO-RBG1-2, EKO-RBG1-R-2 and EKO-RBG1-C-2 is P- and CE approved multi-blade damper intended for fire sectioning or as protection against the spread of fire and fire gas in ventilation systems. The damper is equipped with factory-fitted electrical actuator with spring return, end position contacts and thermal sensor. EKO-RBG1 is manufactured in sizes from 200x200 mm to 800x800 mm, in steps of 50 mm. The standard EKO-RBG1 is manufactured of galvanized sheet steel (C2) with damper blades and casing of !re resistant material. Alternatively, the damper can be made of aluzinc (C4) Magnelis (C5) or stainless steel EN 1.4404. For wall / floor mounting use EKO-RBG1-1, EKO-RBG1-R-1 and EKO-RBG1-C-1.

Easy installation
Each damper is provided with a QR-Code to easily and quickly access installation, operation and maintenance instructions. The multi-blade damper is easily mounted on horizontal duct. 

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